New challenges ahead

Yesterday it was my last day as a director of Chance for Buildings. It was intensive and inspirational 11 years when we – together with five associations and 300 companies – were building up a respected player and representative of energy efficient construction sector. Now the organization is a partner to the government and public commentator on energy savings, quality buildings, decarbonization of our economy or adaptation to climate change. We have pushed for a series of important changes and instruments.

Now there are new challenges laying ahead of me. If you are reading this text, you know that i founded Buildings21 that will provide advisory in the fields i know the best. That is setting up the right political, legislative and economic framework for sustainable energy and construction. Aside of buildings, a focus will be also on local renewables or on district heating. The main partner we are started our cooperation with is European Climate Foundation.

On this web i will every now and then publish my comments, point out to new studies, mention new legislative amendments or possibilities for financial incentives. Especially if any of these won’t fit to twitter or linkedin. But you can follow me there as well.

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