Consultancy services

Buildings21 focus their consultancy on finding and promoting a suitable political, legislative and economic framework for the low-carbon transformation of the Czech economy, especially in the energy and construction sectors. Our domain is to support quality building renovation, development of local renewable energy sources and decarbonisation of the Czech heating sector. We connect government, business, NGOs and European partners.

We help the private sector to find a way out of the tangle of loopholes in laws, decrees or the setting of support programmes. When we find a problem, we try to solve it. We are not a subsidy agency, we do not prepare specific applications. We help identify systemic barriers and then remove them.

We also offer a helping hand to the state and public sector. We help set up laws, decrees and rules for financial programmes so that their initial, often good, intention is also successfully translated into real practice on the market. We mutually translate the needs of all actors and look for workable solutions. In short, we grease the cogs that must fit together and make the gears turn without resistance.

We offer strategic advice to European partners, both in terms of information on where the Czech market and especially the political, legislative and economic environment is heading, and in terms of finding partners and promoting solutions.